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It’s the Bomb

By Babs Rodriguez

From Ray-Tone doorbells to iconic chairs, mad and mod reasons to head to Oak Cliff abound.

Quirky, pedigreed, inspirational. Check. You can expect to find all of that along with some good times — and the occasional cocktail — at Atomic Home Supply. The respected purveyor of midcentury home furnishings disappeared from the Dallas Design District last summer, but longtime devotees will be happy to know the shop has now returned to Oak Cliff, where early in its history it occupied a booth at Lula B’s.

The creative reuse of a midcentury cigarette machine as an artwork dispenser was conceived by artist Clark Whittington
in 1997. Photos courtesy of Atomic Home Supply

The trendy boutique has its roots in Fort Worth, the outgrowth of a garage-based enterprise begun by Terri Cirvello in 2014 with her then-teenage daughter, Haley Taylor. Now Cirvello, a full-time nurse practitioner, runs Atomic Home Supply with help from her daughter’s partner, Turner McDougal.

The shop fills about 1,100 square feet of a historic building with vignettes of covetable and well-displayed furnishings, decor, whimsy and art. For now, it’s open regularly only on Saturdays and by appointment, but follow it on social media to mark the dates of special events that are an equal draw to the store’s wares. Cirvello’s curation skills are remarkable, but she also knows how to host a party: Look for Sip ’n Shop events to pop up from time to time as her way of defining destination shopping.

Cirvello likes to say her love of all things midcentury modern began before such things were vintage — with the avant furniture of her girlhood home. That nostalgic affection blossomed into a family business, with estate sales and auctions supplying a constantly changing inventory ranging from classic ’50s bric-a-brac, art and barware to iconic big-ticket furniture — think Knoll to Platner — and free-standing fireplaces. Most of the shop’s wood pieces are refinished by Hank Tosh of Toshmahal, and ER Woodworks provides new upholstery.

“We’re a local distributor for Hip Haven Bullet Planters, too, and Atomic Foundry Ray-Tone doorbells,” Cirvello says. But expect the unexpected. The new shop is allowing a wider range of items, and the iconic MCM things are being bracketed in things kitschy or Western.

We love the surprise of it all, but a chance to experience the Art-o-mat, a classic cigarette vending machine retrofitted to dispense small artworks, is by itself worth a Saturday drive. Follow Atomic Home Supply on Facebook and Instagram for information on online sales and store hour updates. Samplings of the inventory can be seen on the website’s gallery page.


Atomic Home Supply 336 W. Jefferson Blvd., Oak Cliff, 214-210-0996, atomichomesupply.com